Is Covid 19 the Moment that the Infectious Disease Docs have been Waiting for???

What specialty should I choose? Gastroenterology? Colonosocpies and GI bleeding seems exciting and interesting. . . Nah. What about cardiology? Echo-cardiograms, cardiac stents, pacemakers seem cool. . . Nah.

Infectious Disease is great! I want to be the smartest guy in the room! Figure out puzzles that no one else can and write for antibiotics that no one else can pronounce.

Then the Pandemic hits. . . Covid 19. Is this the moment the underappreciated infectious disease specialist has been waiting for. . . or his/ her worst fear. . . ?

Listen to David Galinkin, D.O. describe his journey from a medical student at NYCOM to an Infectious Disease Doctor in New York on the front lines.

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