Osteopathic/ D.O. Students

What is Osteopathic School? Why would I want to become a D.O.?

Medicine and medical education is constantly changing. New medications, new imaging modalities, and new technologies never stop improving our ability to care for patients.

Osteopathic physician’s have changed with the times over the past 200 years however, it’s philosophy, which was developed in 1874, focused on “wellness” of the body, mind and spirit has not faltered.

There are currently 60 campuses which teach Osteopathic Medicine in the US and 31,000 enrolled students.

In An effort to educate pre-medical students, medical students, residents and fellows about what is truly possible with a “D.O.” degree, a podcast called “D.O. are Do Not” was started to interview physicians, in different stages of their careers, to illustrate first hands their trials and accomplishments.

This blog was started to compliment the podcast with articles from DO students to help educate and enlighten others who are either on the path or considering the journey.

Our Mission is:

  1. To educate pre-medical students on the value of an Osteopathic Medical Education
  2. To educate medical students on the different career paths open to them and how to choose a specialty that fits their personal and professional goals
  3. To help residents and fellows identify and cope with the challenges that they may come across during their training
  4. To help graduating residents and fellows with decisions on career and prepare them for challenges in the practice of medicine
  5. To bring together various resources for all students interested in Osteopathic Medicine and Philosophy in one convenient place

We hope you enjoy this Blog and our podcast as much as we did creating it. We are always looking for volunteers to help us grow the team. If you have an idea for an article or an extraordinary, are interested in helping with the podcast, or would like to nominate an extraordinary D.O for interview, please contact us!


Dr Ian Storch and the D.O. or DO Not podcast team

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