I’m studying! I don’t have time for television! Why would I watch Lenox Hill on Netflix!

Lenox Hill is a new docuseries on Netflix. The series earned a score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. YES THATS RIGHT . . . 100%. This is almost unheard of and the average audience score is 99 percent! Should you watch the show because of the rave reviews. . . Maybe!

The series follows three physician journeys. The most prominent are two neuro surgeons Dr. Boockvar and Dr. Langer who operate on peoples most valuable asset. . . their brain . . . to extend and save lives! Amazing! Should you watch the series for them. . . maybe!

The second is an OB/GYN , Amanda Little-Richardson, who works during overnight shifts during her pregnancy and fights a battle with her fiance and family dealing with a possible birth defect in her unborn child. Truly a strong woman! Should you watch the show for her story. . . maybe!

The third story is about an emergency room physician, Mirtha Macri. Dr. Macri is a young energetic and humble doctor who cares for inner city disadvantaged patients in “the village” of Manhattan. Should you watch show to follow Dr. Macri. . . there is no question. . . YES.

Although the other physician stories are spectacular, Dr. Macri is the paradigm of what all physicians should aspire to become. Mirtha is selfless (she is working during the pandemic carrying an unborn child to help her community!), caring (you will not believe the love and compassion felt when she talks to patients), and skilled (she is shown in emergency situations as a warrior without fear.)

Watch Dr. Macri on the Netflix docuseries “Lenox Hill.” If you want more insight into her story and journey as a D.O. listen to her interview on our podcast at Doordonotpodcast.com!

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