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Osteopathic-school.com is designed to be an informational site for pre-meds and current osteopathic students to learn from their future colleagues. Our mission is to share the journeys of inspirational osteopathic physicians in order to reach future students and guide them on their journey to the mighty D.O.

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Addressing Diversity in Medical Education: Listen to the Students

To fully employ the osteopathic approach when treating our patients, schools consider the knowledgeable voices of osteopathic medical students. Osteopathic Philosophy and Diversity Students choose osteopathic medicine because they feel a connection to the philosophy of treating patients holistically. We believe in Dr. Still’s vision and treat the mind, body, and spirit while considering the […]

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Physicians are notoriously bad when it comes to handling money. Whether it’s the years spent studying nothing but medicine or the desire to overcompensate after decades of deprivation, doctors tend to make more mistakes than their peers when it comes to finance. In this episode of D.O. or Do Not, Dr. Ian Storch, D.O. braves […]

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